Online Counseling Helped Change My Life

I’m not going to sugar coat this.  I was in a deep depression and I honestly didn’t feel like there was going to be a way out of what felt like a haze of darkness over my life.  I was working full time and my employer certainly wasn’t very understanding of my need to take time off to get counseling.  So I started searching for an online counseling service with a good reputation.

After spending an evening looking at the options I found a couple that looked trustworthy and I decided to get the help I needed at my convenience.  There were several counsellors and psychologists who were counseling online using this website and the majority of their profiles had something that appealed to me.  I made a booking with a female psychologist who’s profile looked sympathetic and she specialized in depression.  She offered a range of mental health therapies.  The types of therapy that I was most interested in were Mindfulness Therapy and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.  I’ve had experience with other therapists using these techniques and I wanted to expand upon that.

Depression Counseling Online

Depression Counseling Online

The next day after work, I had dinner and found myself a quiet area of the house to begin my online counseling session.  The quality of the connection was great and obviously it wasn’t like depresison counseling in person but I actually felt more comfortable.  The psychologist I chose began by letting me explain why I wanted to see her and what I hoped to get out of it.

My answer to what I wanted out of these counseling sessions was to free of this depression.  I want to be able to look forward to my day and make myself a better life.  That started a process between us that felt very natural, which is great because having someone to that I feel comfortable helps me open up more.

There were no big promises made, but she felt that as long as I was ready to work at it we could make some real improvements in my mental health.  By the end of the session, we’d gone through the key areas I was concerned about and she’d even given me a mindfullness technique that I’m getting a lot of benefit from.

What’s my take on the whole experience?

Definitely a positive online counseling experience.  I’ve been to depression & anxiety counseling in peron before so I have a good comparison and I can honestly say I got more out of my online therapy.  I’m now 3 sessions in and I’m noticing improvements in my overall state of mind and I’m actually beginning to see that there are ways I can influence my situation.

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